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Decorah aerial ladder fire truck has new life--and a new coat of paint

Posted: Sun, Mar 4, 2018 1:41 PM
(Photo courtesy of the Farmington, Michigan Fire Department)

The City of Decorah's older aerial ladder fire truck now has a new life--protecting the public in Farmington, Michigan.

After Decorah spent $900,000 to purchase an aerial ladder fire truck from the City of Indianola, it put its former aerial ladder fire truck up for sale--and reached an agreement with Farmington to purchase the fire truck for $80,000.

The City of Decorah paid for some repairs to the ladder after a Twin Cities firm, Emergency Apparatus Maintenance, did an inspection.  The City of Farmington later paid for other repairs--and for a new coat of paint.

According to a press release from the City of Farmington, firefighters are learning this month how to operate the new rig and expect to put it into service next month.