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February weather in Decorah averaged out

Posted: Sun, Mar 4, 2018 8:50 AM

Decorah meteorologist Richard Bernatz has finished crunching numbers from February's weather in Decorah.  While temperatures ranged from 13 below zero on February 6th to 57 degrees on February 27th, when all temperatures were averaged, the weather was just one-tenth of a degree warmer than normal.

That's because the month started with cold temperatures, but changed in the middle of the month to warm temperatures.  Overall, "heating degree days," a measure of how much you need to run your furnace, were less than average.

9 inches of snow fell in February, producing 1.49 inches of precipitation.  That's 0.53 inches more than normal, placing February 2018 42nd on the list of the last 124 years in Decorah.