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New MRI at Winneshiek Medical Center will be installed by this summer

Posted: Sun, Feb 11, 2018 5:39 PM

Some time late this spring or early this summer a new magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) is expected to be installed at Winneshiek Medical Center.

The new machine will continue to meet the standards for an MRI in a rural setting--a 1.5T magnet.  MRI scanners come in different magnetic field strengths, measured in teslas, indicated by the "T."  The new MRI will have the same magnetic field strength as the existing MRI

However, the new equipment will have a wider opening, which will make abdomen and chest MRIs easier.  That's because with these MRIs, patients are asked to hold their breath for the MRI sequence and a wider opening allows technologists to shorten scan times, reducing possible motion, and provide higher quality images leading to better and a more accurate diagnosis.  The wider opening will also reduce of claustrophobia and improve patient comfort.

Winneshiek Medical Center officials say more details of the new MRI--including the brand of the manufacturer--will be released soon.