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first on Decorah's TriTech Software Systems worked with the city of Minneapolis to provide a safe experience for over 1 million people at the Super Bowl

Posted: Wed, Feb 7, 2018 11:31 AM
Multi Agency Communications Center at Super Bowl Lll

Six employees of TriTech Software Systems' Decorah office worked with the City of Minneapolis to ensure the more than one million people enjoyed the city and had a safe experience inside and outside of U.S. Bank Stadium at Super Bowl LII.

The City of Minneapolis has been working with local public safety agencies since 2014 on their preparedness plans, in concert with state and federal agencies and the NFL.

Super Bowl LII is the third Super Bowl in a row to rely on TriTech software.  In the past year, TriTech's technology and best practices on keeping large-scale events safe has also supported the World Series, the Daytona 500, and the Formula One Grand Prix.

Inform CAD is the only CAD system deployed in cities with populations of more than one million that supports police and fire agencies on the same CAD system.

Decorah's TriTech office sent a team of six rotating Support Technicians up to work out of one of nine Emergency Communication Centers that were set up in the area from  January 28th-- February 5th to support the city of Minneapolis.

TriTech Software Systems Vice President of Customer Service Terri Barry commented, "We are honored to be a part of the large network of people supporting the public's safety at this year's Super Bowl. Our Support team has been onsite in Minneapolis to partner with our customer command staff to ensure smooth and efficient system operations. It has been an incredible experience to see the two years of planning for this event coalesce into synchronized execution of technology and people resources. We celebrate the success of our 20 customers, and everyone involved in the incredible public safety achievement at Super Bowl LII."

TriTech revolutionized the public safety industry by becoming one of the first vendors to embed mapping technology into computer-aided dispatch software and to develop one the most sophisticated recommendation algorithms.

TriTech's software covers every facet of public safety, including 9-1-1, computer-aided dispatch, field-based reporting, records management, jail management, analytics and intelligence and ambulance billing software.