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Decorah Speech Teams Receives eleven All-State Nominations

Posted: Tue, Feb 6, 2018 11:08 AM

Approximately 90 Decorah High School students will make the trip to Ames on Saturday, February 17th, to perform at the All-State Speech Festival at the Iowa State Center on the ISU campus.

Eleven groups received outstanding ballots at the Northeast District State Large Group Speech and received a nomination to be part of the festival, which will include performances by the best speech students from across the state of Iowa.

Complete results and programs can be found on the IHSSA website at The DHS speech team is coached by Molly Holkesvik, Thomas Houdek, Carrie Kauffman, Karen Trewin, Gabe Twedt, and Kristen Underwood.
DHS Varsity speech groups receiving performance nominations include one-act play, readers theater, one ensemble acting, one musical theater, one solo mime, one short film, one television news, and one radio broadcasting. Cast lists for those groups are as follows:
One-Act Play "The Whole Shebang" Patrick Bockman, Isabelle Elwood, Jenna Galligan, Dawson Holkesvik, Jordyn Hussain, Allie Jermier, Carston Krieg, Andrew Magner, Landon Miller, Jake Muhlbauer, Sam Robinson, Seth Shindelar, Brynne Valkosky, Carina Yee
Readers Theater "Starcatcher" Jackson Berlage, Shayla Betts, Katie Bjergum, Emma Fretheim, Evie Holyoake, Sydney Landstrom, Celia Lesmeister, Sarah Mumford, Josie Numedahl, Angel Pena, Kaj Spencer, Britta Swanson, Katie Valkosky, Sam Wilson
Ensemble Acting "Confessions of a High School Bathroom" Erin Dintaman, Sydney Landstrom, Rylea Ranum, Emma Rooney, Sophie Schwarz
Musical Theater "Les Miserables" Avery Dugger, Lillian Grouws, Gus Hayes, Jordyn Hussain, Carston Krieg, Lily Smith, Abby Trewin, Sam Wilson
Solo Mime "Powder Room Playtime" Katie Valkosky
Short Film "Insecure" Nick Bockman, Avery Dugger, Erick Fadness, Maddie Fahey, Olivia Fahey, Jenna Galligan, Dawson Holkesvik, Evie Holyoake, Andrew Kozelka, Brayden Krivachek, Lars Marquardt, Alex Nesset, Jarod Phillips, Kaitlyn Rooney, Brynne Valkosky
Television News "Controversy" Kiersten Benson, Owen Burgdorf-Hibbs, Chance Elton, Emma Fretheim, Mazzi Hanson, Thomas Hendrickson, Rachel Hines, Amanda Kuehner, Katie Nimrod, Abby Pedlar, Greta Ransom, Emma Rooney, Ian Smith, Kari Tangen, Dan Willie

Radio Broadcasting "KPGN" Katherine Bruening, Nils Holkesvik, Janaye Lundtvedt, Sophia Maguina, James Paulson, Kylus Pettit-Ehler, Alexis Svestka, Sophie Weis
DHS Varsity speech groups receiving non-performance nominations include one ensemble acting, one musical theater, and one television news. Cast lists for that ensemble acting are as follows:

Ensemble Acting "Mertonsire and the Pirate's Tale" Hayden Carlson, Lillian Grouws, Josh Nierengarten, Will Schwarz, Abigail Toussaint, Sawyer Vanden Brink
Musical Theater "The Breakfast Club" Finn Deen-Lester, Annette Leschensky, Mitchell Leschensky, Sarah Mumford, Kaj Spencer

Television News "Renew" Dawson Bauer, Kylie Bergo, Shayla Betts, Katie Bjergum, Conner Cook, Blake Donlon, Isaac Fish, Alli Groux, Jonah Johnson, Billy Lange, Ann Meirick, Andy Murphy, Kalea Oftedahl, Isaac Roberts, Leah Weis