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Report favorable on Decorah Park-Rec "Carlson property"

Posted: Thu, Jan 11, 2018 3:39 PM

A report on the Decorah Park Department's newly-acquired Carlson property says the 110-acre parcel is in fairly good shape.

Iowa DNR District Forester Jason Walker presented the report to Decorah Park Board members.  

He said he was pleasantly surprised with the quality of timber in parts of the property, stating, "Overall your woodlands were found to be in good condition and health.  Little to no insect or disease issues were found."

Walker said the regeneration of oak should be a main objective of any forestry plan, with the presence of invasive species, especially buckthorn, creating the biggest problem for future management.

He said plot #1, which lacked buckthorn or honeysuckle or hard maple, was the best of the three woodland plots.  That gave the Park Department "an excellent opportunity to manage this stand under an even aged management system, which will in turn help perpetuate good quality oak," said Walker.

The Decorah Park-Rec Board has been taking public input about the Carlson property and discussing the layout of trails, recreational opportunities, land management planning and responsible property management/stewardship.