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Winneshiek County Conservation would like to build a new $40,000 shelter at Lake Meyer

Posted: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 4:25 PM

Winneshiek County Conservation is working to get grant funding for a project to build a new picnic shelter in Lake Meyer, in the campground, west of the ball diamond.

Winneshiek County Conservation Director Barb Schroeder says the members of her board believe the new facility could do a good job of attracting even more people to Lake Meyer.  Programs sponsored by the Conservation Board could be moved over to the picnic shelter, rather than holding them inside the maintenance building, as happens now.

Winneshiek County Conservation already has received a few grants, but staffers also have three other grant applications pending and will be submitting several more in the near future.

Schroeder says the project is a "big expense" and has to be paid mostly through outside funding instead of through the board's operating budget.  Winneshiek County Conservation Board members have given approval to spending time to work on the grant applications because they support the concept of a new shelter at Lake Meyer.