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2017 was a warm year in Decorah, according to weather statistics

Posted: Wed, Jan 3, 2018 4:29 PM

2017 was the 10th warmest calendar year on record in Decorah over the past 125 years.  That's the word from Decorah meteorologist Richard Bernatz, who says the average temperature in 2017 in Decorah was 49.03 degrees—2.65 degrees warmer than the 125-year average.

Ten months of 2017 were warmer than average.  February of 2017 was a full 12 degrees warmer than average, which landed it 3rd on the list of 124 Februarys.

Precipitation during 2017 was just around normal.  33.70 inches of precipitation fell, just 0.64 inches more than the 125-year average.  Six months were wetter than normal and six months were dryer than normal.