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The Decorah City Council agrees to pay $26,000 to Winneshiek County for the use of computer equipment

Posted: Tue, Jan 2, 2018 7:55 PM

The Decorah City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to pay Winneshiek County $26,267.28 for the city's use of county computer equipment.

However, the payments will be made in two sums--$13,133.64 after July 1st of this year and $13,133.64 after July 1st of next year.

The decision brings to an end a long-running dispute from last year.  Originally the county asked for a payment of $45,967.74, which was based on the city and county continuing their sharing agreement for computer equipment for the seven-year life of the IT equipment.  But when the two governments decided to stop sharing some of the equipment, the county asked for a payment of $34,267.28.

That request was rejected 5-2 in November.  Tuesday night's motion by Steve Luse was approved 7-0.  It came at the urging of newly-elected mayor Lorraine Borowski, who told city council members "Building a relationship (with the county) is huge."