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What were the most-read stories on in 2017?

Posted: Tue, Jan 2, 2018 2:17 PM

The best part about using a website to report on local news is that it's so interactive with our readers.  We get good news tips, good questions and fair criticisms, and we use them all to make a better website.

So while we've picked our "Top 10 News Stories of 2017," it would only be fair to let readers know what their most read stories were:

#10: The Decorah Fire Department used its drone to locate three tubers stranded on the Upper Iowa River:

#9: The Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce announced its Christmas decorations had gotten too poor to use this holiday.  (The Chamber later hired a firm to put white lights on many of the trees downtown)  (

#8: Five enterprising Decorah teenagers banded together to form their very own company in March:

#7: BA Burrito was a much-anticipated addition to Decorah's restaurant scene late in 2016, but it closed its doors less than a year after opening.

#6: A drug bust in April netted not just one, not two, not three, not four, but five people arrested.

#5: Also in April, thieves stole some construction equipment--and readers clicked on our story 8,201 times.

#4: No, it's not just your kids who fight among themselves--the city and the county squabbled about computer equipment costs for most of 2016.  Readers clicked on our September story 8,826 times.

#3: We're not normally your go-to source for Minnesota Vikings news, but when the Vikings signed the grandson of a Decorah couple, that was big news, read 10,337 times

#2: Several of our stories got boosts from Facebook during 2017, including the story about Jimmy, who was traveling through Decorah and just wanted a place to stay.  It was read 11,687 times.

#1: But by far the most-read story of 2017 was our story--and photos--of the grain truck that crashed the Dahly Bridge into the Upper Iowa River.  The story was read an amazing 38,434 times.