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Vesterheim gets a $5,000 grant

Posted: Wed, Dec 6, 2017 2:05 PM

Vesterheim has received a grant of $5,040 from The American-Scandinavian Foundation's new program to support Scandinavian folk arts and cultures in the Upper Midwest.

The grant will fund three types of classes for youth—"Fun with Fiber for Kids" with Laura Demuth, "Whittling Klubb for Kids" with Rebecca Hanna, and "Kids-maling—'Frozen'" with Sally Stromseth.

The grants by ASF for public programs and community projects will shore up and encourage the preservation of and innovation within Scandinavian cultural traditions.  By supporting folk arts and traditional cultures in the Upper Midwest, the American-Scandinavian Foundation will facilitate the cultivation of skills and understanding among younger generations, bring greater visibility to Scandinavian arts and traditions, and highlight the importance of cultural expression.