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Transfer of hotel/motel tax funds has been put on hold

Posted: Mon, Dec 4, 2017 6:21 PM

The Decorah City Council has approved a motion withhold the transfer of some Hotel Motel Tax money to Winneshiek County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

A committee administered by WCCVB currently decides how 25 percent of the hotel / motel revenue funds get spent.  Because of changes at WCCVB, city council member Kirk Johnson Monday night made a motion to suspend the transfer of fourth quarter H/M taxes to WCCVB, calling it the "prudent" thing to do..

Johnson says the committee in the past has gotten financial reports to review, but didn't get those reports at its last meeting.  Fellow city council and hotel/motel tax committee member Randy Schissel agreed with Johnson, saying "We have no idea what the fund balances are," adding, "Things are still muddy and up in the air."

The vote by the city council Monday night was 5-1 in favor of Johnson's motion, with city council member Steve Luse the only "no" vote.  Luse told Johnson withholding the money "is not an effective vehicle to get what you want."