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County supervisors are hoping city officials will approve computer equipment sharing agreement

Posted: Mon, Nov 13, 2017 1:57 PM

Winneshiek County supervisors are hoping that after next Monday's Decorah City Council meeting, there won't be any further questions about the city/county agreement on shared computer equipment.

The county board on Monday unanimously passed a revised agreement for computer equipment sharing with the city.  The agreement has the support of both County IT Director Steve Smith and City IT Director Chopper Albert.

Last Monday the Decorah City Council tabled a request for payment to Winneshiek County of  $34,267.28 for the city's past use of county-owned IT equipment.  County supervisors had given the city until November 10th to make their payment, but City Manager Chad Bird said there was still no completed 28E agreement with the county regarding future equipment sharing, so the city council voted unanimously to table the issue of payment until such an agreement is in place.

County Board Chair John Logsdon on Monday said he is "baffled" as to why the two issues are considered linked.  He also pointed out that the county has created five revisions of the proposed sharing agreement because of the requests from the city, but the city has never submitted its own proposal.  Logsdon says he hopes the city council will act on on the two issues on November 20th, adding, "I'll be very disappointed if it doesn't."