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Toppling Goliath makes its case for having two taprooms

Posted: Wed, Nov 8, 2017 5:01 PM
Wednesday's meeting attracted around 50 people

With the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Commission holding a meeting in Decorah on Wednesday, Northeast Iowa residents got a chance to give input to the board without having to drive to Des Moines.

Toppling Goliath founder and co-owner Clark Lewey took advantage of the Hotel Winneshiek setting on Wednesday to lobby commission members to recommend to the Iowa Legislature that state laws governing taprooms be changed.  "We're hoping to have two taprooms," Lewey told Commission members.

He said Toppling Goliath will have to close its taproom on College Drive after the taproom in the brewery's new production plant in the Decorah Business Park opens.  Lewey said the College Drive location allows people to visit the taproom by walking and keeps Toppling Goliath in touch with what's happening in downtown Decorah.  He also said the College Drive location is good for beer tourism.

Iowa ABD administrator Stephen Larson says the study group sponsored by his agency hopes to present a report to the legislature "some time next year" with a list of suggestions on how the state's liquor laws can be changed.

Iowa ABD Commission Chairperson Gary Nystrom told Lewey "There are often rules where you scratch your head trying to figure them out."  Nystrom added that some rules had a purpose when they were originally created, but could be changed now.