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PROFILE: Mayoral candidate Borowski wants to provide "strong, experienced leadership"

Posted: Wed, Nov 1, 2017 4:15 PM

('s Sara Peterson has been profiling the candidates in next Tuesday's City of Decorah election.  Her series concludes with a look at mayoral candidate Lorraine Borowski):

Lorraine Borowski has always enjoyed city government. Her interest comes from 16 years as the Decorah Public Library Director, many years of filming Decorah City Council meetings for public access broadcasting, and 27 years as a city employee. As she approached retirement from her position at the library, she realized her fascination with city government was still growing, and when she was approached by many to consider running for mayor, it didn't take Borowski long to realize that's exactly what she wanted to do. Borowski officially declared her candidacy for Decorah Mayor in June.

In addition to encouraging vision, discussion, and action to support Decorah as a place to live and grow, Borowski's priorities include: sustainable economic development, safe and affordable housing, innovative green initiatives, and community and government partnerships that foster fiscal responsibility.

"I am committed to the growth and well-being of this community and the people who live here," says Borowski. "With all of the upcoming changes on the city council, there is a real need for strong, experienced leadership. Over the past 16 years, I have managed, encouraged, and grown a city department. I have the experience and qualifications necessay to provide leadership as Mayor."

To contact Lorraine Borowski send an email to or call 563-382-3452.