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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Will people in Minowa Heights be required to install sidewalks?"

Posted: Tue, Oct 10, 2017 4:11 PM

(Jan e-mails: "I've been reading a lot about the sidewalk issues in Decorah. If the City of Decorah wants Bruening Addition homeowners to put in sidewalks, are they also going to make the people in Minowa Heights put in sidewalks?  I notice there aren't any sidewalks in the Minowa Heights area at all."):

Mr. Answer Person says: "Yes, Minowa Heights property owners will be required to install sidewalks in year four of the city's five-year sidewalk program.  To repeat, every property owner within the city limits will be required to install a sidewalk on their property.  The only exceptions will come when a property owner files an appeal with the city and convinces the city there's a good reason not to install a sidewalk on their property."