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Lawn care employees apply chemicals to too much of the Middle School property

Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017 4:23 PM

Decorah School District officials say the company hired by the school district to apply fertilizer and weed control made a mistake Monday.

The company sent new employees to apply chemicals to the Decorah Middle School athletic and practice fields only, but instead did the entire Decorah Middle School and Carrie Lee Elementary campus. 

School officials, in order to be proactive in getting information out to parents of school-age children, have sent a message via School Messenger telling them what happened.   Say school officials, "We want it to be known we have not changed our procedure and our normal application is our athletic and practice fields only...we will do our best to see this does not happen again." 
School officials say the mistake was limited to the campus around Decorah Middle School and Carrie Lee Elementary and was caught before anything further was applied near West Side Early Childhood Center, John Cline Elementary or the Decorah High School.