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Members of the Trails Committee say they received nothing but positive input from RAGBRAI riders

Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017 11:50 AM

Members of the 28e Trails Committee which supervises the Trout Run Trail, Freeport Trail and others in Winneshiek County say they were overwhelmed with the feedback from bike riders last Friday during RAGBRAI's visit to Winneshiek County.

"We'll be back" was the most common comment the Trails Committee members said they heard.  The morning ride through the mist and the hills of Winneshiek County also sparked many comments about "This is the prettiest part of the state."

The Trails Committee members also talked with many riders who wanted to try out the Trout Run Trail and asked questions about it.

Finally, one RAGBRAI rider told a committee member, "Why am I leaving--I'm moving here next week!"