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Contests and activities for everyone at the Winneshiek County fair

Posted: Tue, Jul 11, 2017 1:11 PM

The Winneshiek County Fair is in full swing and Tuesday's events included everything from a Lefse Contest to a skid loader rodeo, and everything in between.

2017 marks the second year of the fair's Lefse Contest, and reigning lefse champion Marian Rovang-Rude returned to claim her second 1st place ribbon. Rovang-Rude says, "The secret is less in the ingredients, and more in the process."  She says she sandwiches the freshly-made, warm lefse between wax paper and terry cloth towels to steam the lefse until it cools. She says this keeps the moisture in and prevents the edges from drying out. The recipe comes from a relative of her husband. When asked how she prefers to eat her lefse, Rovang-Rude replied, "The traditional way -- with butter and sugar."

Other contests included a Refurbish Windows Contest, a Repurposed  Pallet Contest, a Homemade Bread Contest, and a Hobby/Shop Creation Contest.

In addition to the contests, Tuesday's events included music, exhibits, and displays including the Winneshiek Medical Center's "Operate Like A Surgeon." WMC nurses were on site with scubs, surgical masks, and gloves for participants to try on and then try their hand at "Operation." Paramedics were also present with a WMC ambulance for fair-goers to explore.  

WMC's "Operate Like a Surgeon" exhibit
WMC surgical nurses Amy Peterson (right front) and Katie Livingood (right back) at the "Operation" table with some "surgeons"
WMC Ambulance on display
Tuesday's variety tent schedule