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Feed truck crash makes "News of the Weird"

Posted: Sun, Jun 18, 2017 3:00 PM

May's crash of the Dahly Bridge near Bluffton is getting some belated national press.

"The News of the Weird" has posted a short article about the bridge crash, saying, "Winneshiek County (Iowa) Engineer Lee Bjerke said he had no idea how the driver of the loaded 18-wheeler had missed the "Load Limit 3 Tons" sign at the entrance of the small, rickety bridge near Cresco in May, but in seconds, the span was wiped out, and the tractor-trailer had become part of the Turkey River. The loaded grain truck weighed more than 30 tons."

For the record, the tractor-trailer did NOT fall into the river--and the river spanned by the bridge was the Upper Iowa River, NOT the Turkey River.

Visit the "News of the Weird" at the Minneapolis-Star-Tribune: