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Decorah Middle School will have a new administrative position

Posted: Mon, Jun 12, 2017 8:44 PM

On Monday night the Decorah Community School Board authorized the hiring of a new administrative position for the Decorah Middle School: Middle School Assistant Principal/Athletic Director.

Superintendent Mike Haluska advocated for the new position, noting the increased and future increasing enrollment. Another variable that came into play is the retirement of Randy Iverson as the athletic director as of this summer. Some concern was expressed about the sudden decision to recommend this position, as well as the added cost of another administrative position. However, Haluska was able to reconcile the costs via other administrative changes and the increased enrollment. The middle school will have nearly 520 students, nearing the numbers at the high school.

Board member Cindy Schissel noted that it became readily apparent during the interview process in May for the new Middle School Principal (Decorah native Justin Albers was hired) that such a position was needed to provide a quality middle school environment.