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Inventory will be taken of county and city computer equipment

Posted: Mon, Jun 12, 2017 3:53 PM

Winneshiek County's IT Director, Steve Smith, will be taking an inventory of all the computer equipment used by the county and the city, in an effort to determine which government has paid for what piece of equipment and which governments are using the equipment.

The City of Decorah has sent a notice to Winneshiek County, cancelling the agreement between the two governments to share the costs of IT personnel.  As part of that process, Winneshiek County wants a complete computer equipment inventory so it can determine who owns what piece of equipment.

"Let's get this thing straightened out," said County Board Chair John Logsdon on Monday.  He noted that "both agencies are willing to move forward with this."

Supervisor Mark Kuhn cautioned that while the inventory is necessary, figuring out which government would be responsible for equipment maintenance and service will be more complicated.