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first on Graffiti on window at Decorah City Hall leads to police investigation

Posted: Wed, Jun 7, 2017 4:43 PM

The Decorah Police Department has been asked to investigate some graffiti scrawled into a window of the Council Chambers of Decorah City Hall.

The graffiti--which was described as faint but legible--mentioned a City Hall employee in an unflattering manner.  Because of that connection, city officials have turned over the matter to the Police Department.

Decorah Police Chief Bill Nixon was not available for comment on Wednesday.  Police could decide to press criminal charges, could decide to refer the matter back to city officials for in-house discipline, or could decide not enough evidence exists to determine how the graffiti got there.

Several sources tell the graffiti had first been discovered at least one or two weeks ago, so had nothing to do with Monday night's city council meeting.