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Decorah Public Library will soon have LED lighting throughout the entire library

Posted: Mon, Jun 5, 2017 11:55 AM

The Decorah Public Library has exceeded its fundraising goal of $5,200 to pay for new LED lighting in the library.  Two-thirds of the cost of the new lighting was covered by the Decorah Public Library Board of Trustees and the Friends of the Library, while more than fifty individuals, families, and local businesses stepped in for the remaining $5,200.

With most of the lights now installed, the difference is already visible.  Workers from Perry Novak Electric have been replacing bulbs throughout the building. The environment-friendly LEDs will consume approximately 27 percent less electricity than the previously-used fluorescent bulbs.  The savings from this decrease in energy use means that the new lights will pay for themselves in just two years.  The LED lighting is easier on the eyes and has made reading, computer use and many other activities at the library more enjoyable.

Administrative Coordinator Kristin Torresdal said the fundraiser took just six weeks. "It is more energy efficient as LED bulbs last longer, it is better for the environment and with the future savings on electric bills, it was the right time to do this project," said Torresdal.

Community members are encouraged to stop by and see the difference in person.