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How smart is Decorah? An Omaha newspaper reporter believes it's one of the smartest cities in Iowa

Posted: Sun, Jun 4, 2017 5:09 PM
(Acutal photo of's boy genius, Paul Scott)

Which state is smarter--Nebraska or Iowa?  Omaha World-Herald reporter Chris Peters decided he would tackle that question.

He decided the best measuring stick was calculating the percentage of people in each town of at least 5,000 people who had college degrees.  Not that people without college degrees aren't smart, nor that people with college degrees can't do stupid things, but Peters had to find some way of measuring intelligence in the two states.

In Decorah, 42 percent of our residents 25 years old and above have a college degree.  That puts Decorah 14th on the list of smartest cities in Iowa.

Peters could only find six cities in Nebraska with at least one-third of their population having college degrees, so Decorah is part of the reason Peters has declared, "when you measure intelligence that way, the data shows one thing--Iowa has more "smart" cities than Nebraska."

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