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Hesper residents are getting ready to dedicate the bell from the former Hesper Public School

Posted: Fri, Jun 2, 2017 11:58 AM

The Hesper Public School operated for more than one hundred years on the west side of Hesper.  But the school closed in 1969.  It was converted into a community center, but was sold in 1976 and torn down.

For the past year a group of Hesper residents has been working to bring back part of Hesper's history.  They located the flag pole from the school and are installing it back on the property of the old school. 

They also located the original bell from the school, raising donations to purchase it.  On July 1st they will hold a dedication ceremony for the bell on the property of the old school, giving everyone attending a chance to ring the bell.  The bell will be attached to a stand and there will be a picture of Hesper Public School attached to the stand.

The event on July 1st will begin with a potluck dinner at noon in the basement of Hesper Lutheran Church.  After the bell ceremony is completed, the public can return to the church to share old pictures and memories of the school.

For questions or for more information, contact Phil Richert at (563) 735-5701,