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Winneshiek County to City of Decorah: Pay up, please!

Posted: Mon, Apr 17, 2017 5:15 PM

Winneshiek County supervisors have sent a letter to the City of Decorah, asking it to pay $45,967 for some computer equipment that was purchased for joint county and city use.

The letter says the City of Decorah has had the benefit of a shared data center since October of 2013, but was not billed for shared hardware, software and consultant expenses.  Those expenses totaled $114,919.

County supervisors say the city accounted for 40 percent of the use of the equipment, so it has asked for the $45,967 payment.

City of Decorah officials met last week with county officials and, according to the letter, "do not intend to pay."

The County has asked the City to sign a four-year agreement continuing the shared arrangement and making a base payment of $1,000/month plus 40 percent of additional expenses such as hardware, software, licensing, consulting expenses and other expenses directly coming from the shared data center.

The letter asks for an answer to the County's letter by April 28th.