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Wednesday will be the moving day for the house next to St. Benedict's Church

Posted: Mon, Apr 17, 2017 12:04 PM

Wednesday is moving day for the house at 205 Court St, next to St. Benedict's Church.

Aylsworth House Movers of Wadena will be moving the house on Wednesday. They have been prepping the house and securing it for the big move.

Aylsworth Movers plan on a two day move. The first day will be spent moving the house and parking it overnight, just outside of Decorah.

Coordination makes for a smooth move. Alliant Energy will follow along, rebuilding temporary power lines higher as the house passes through the city.

Once the house arrives at its temporary location, it will be checked over to be sure everything is still secure and intact. The second day it will move to its permanent location between Decorah and Calmar.