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Proposed RAGBRAI route through Decorah would use College Drive, Heivly Street and River Street

Posted: Thu, Apr 13, 2017 3:02 PM

With RAGBRAI riders passing through Decorah during Nordic Fest this year, local organizers had to find a way to give the riders a taste of Decorah and Nordic Fest--but to not interrupt the Fest, either.

So organizers have come up with a route that enters Decorah on College Drive from Pole Line Road, heads south to the bridge over the Upper Iowa River, then turns left down Heivly Street, then turns right on River Street.

The route map includes designated places for bike parking for those who want to stop to enjoy Nordic Fest and a designated place for support crew parking.

The suggested route was put together Thursday morning by the local RAGBRAI organizing group and will be sent on to Des Moines for approval.