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Have you seen the signs?

Posted: Sun, Apr 9, 2017 1:18 PM

We've all seen them - the marquee signs with the catchy little messages. The signs that not only grab our attention, but put a little smile on our face as we hustle by.

In Decorah, there's one sign in particular that really gets people smiling this time of year. You've probably noticed it: "This is our first sign for Spring." The Whippy Dip owner Rosie Carolan says this message is a tradition that people have come to expect each spring. Another (on a more somber note) is the message the sign displays each fall: "Get your last licks soon."

Carolan says the responsibility for coming up with The Whippy Dip messages falls primarily in her lap. She asks others for suggestions and works to come up with messages to highlight each of The Whippy Dip's products. Messages like "It is tornado season" or "Slight chance of sprinkles today" not only tie into the season at hand, they advertise the products and whet appetites, too.  Recently Carolan challenged the Decorah Girls Golf team to submit their suggestions for the sign slogans. The winner will receive a $5 gift card.

Another local favorite is the sign at Toppling Goliath's Tap Room on College Avenue. Toppling Goliath Marketing Director Sarah Hedlund says it's the Tap Room staff who is the creative genius behind the catchy slogans displayed on their marquee. Phrases like "You had me at beer" or "Hopped up like a kid on candy" keep things fresh, fun, and lighthearted, which is exactly what the staff is going for. Hedlund says sometimes they look for ideas online, but many times the ideas come to them when they're just talking together or joking around.