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Fourteen DMS students qualify for NHD State Competition

Posted: Thu, Apr 6, 2017 4:03 PM

14 Decorah Middle School 8th grade students have qualified for the National History Day State Competition May 8th in Des Moines, based on their performances in the Regional History Day competition held at Decorah Middle School.
Individual Exhibit:
Abby Milburn: Iowa Girls Basketball Equal Rights
Group Documentaries:
Amber Hussain and Abby Bolson: When Motown Took a Stand
Individual Documentary:
Asha Merritt: Loving versus Virginia
Noah Lovelace: Wayne Cooley: Taking a Stand for the Iowa Girl
Group Performance:
Leila Johnson and Sofie Grouws: Mildred Fish-Harnack and the Red Orchestra: Taking a Stand Against Hitler and the Nazi Party
Group Website:
Mia Smedsrud and Kiana Folkedahl: Fanny Durack: Taking a Stand for Women's Rights in Swimming
Individual Website:
Grace Thompson: The Dominican Butterflies
Individual Performance:
Storme Barr: Woodstock 1969
Gabriel Anderson: Beethoven
Group Exhibit:
Emma Brauer and Kendra Bigler: Dr. Williams: Opening Hospitals, Hearts, and Minds