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It's full speed ahead for a study of whether to set up a city-owned Internet utility

Posted: Mon, Apr 3, 2017 8:52 PM

A Boulder, Colorado company will be hired to do a study of the feasibility of setting up a fast fiber network in Decorah.

Uptown Services will be paid $59,000 for a study of how many Decorah residents could be expected to switch over to a municipal utility which provided Internet service and video services over fiber optic cables.

The company was one of nine companies to submit a proposal to the Telecommunications Utility Board.  Board members say they chose Uptown because it best addressed getting answers to the questions the board has been asking.

The consulting company will begin work immediately.  It will get public input through a variety of approaches, including a community-wide survey and small focus groups.

The cost of the feasibility study will be split between the City of Decorah and Decorah Fast Fiber, the citizens group which raised money and got the issue on the ballot.  Each group will pay half the cost--or $29,500.