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Tony asks, "What's the word on the Dug Road Trail?"

Posted: Sun, Apr 2, 2017 5:03 PM
( file photo of the damage to the trail)

(Tony from Waverly says he is "anxious to get to Decorah for a ride, a beer and some Mabe's pizza.  As a result, he asks, "With spring / bicycle season upon us what is the status/condition of Trout Run Trail? Has the section destroyed by last summer flooding been repaired?  if not, what is the timetable?"):

Mr. Answer Person says: "Well, you can still come to Decorah for two out of the three items on your list!

Dug Road Trail (the portion of Trout Run Trail right along the Upper Iowa River) remains closed from the effects of a washout.  City officials have been talking with FEMA about repairs to the trail.  Normally FEMA pays for repairs that restore trails to the shape they were in before flooding happened.  But City of Decorah officials rightly say they don't want to put the trail back in, only to have it wash out again in the next big rainstorm.

There has been some progress made, however.  A "geotechnical" study of the soils along the trail bed has been authorized by FEMA and could begin soon.   A study, of course, is not the same as starting construction, but in this case it could be an important way for City of Decorah officials to work with FEMA on a solution that not only will put Dug Road Trail back into operation--but will keep it in operation in the future."