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Restrictions on through truck traffic in Decorah get tabled for redrafting

Posted: Mon, Mar 20, 2017 7:15 PM

The Decorah City Council wants to take more time to consider how restrictions on through truck traffic would work.

A proposal was discussed Monday night that would restrict truck traffic on Montgomery Street, Water Street and College Drive and require through traffic to use Highway 9 and 52.

But a number of farmers who live north of town pointed out the restriction would leave them with no paved road they could take from north of Decorah on Locust Road to avoid going through town.  City Administrator Chad Bird told the city council the county board has no immediate plan to pave Meadowlark Road--in part because that project would cost more than $3 million.

City council member Gary Rustad volunteered to speak to supervisors about Meadowlark Road, while city council member Dan Bellrichard said the city should make sure farmers have a detour route before any restrictions get put into effect.