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Drug dog performs search at Decorah High School

Posted: Wed, Mar 15, 2017 3:13 PM

Decorah School District officials announced Wednesday that a drug dog from the Winneshiek County Sheriff's Office was used Wednesday to perform searches of lockers at the school.

In a message that was also sent to parents, school district officials said the search was done to ensure student safety and well being, but in a manner which protected student rights.

The trained drug dog searched student lockers located in hallways and in locker rooms to detect if any illegal substances were present.

The news release said "The searches were performed in a manner that complies with Iowa State Law and Iowa Supreme Court decisions.  No person was or will be searched or sniffed by the drug dog. If the presence of illegal drugs is detected in any student's locker during a search, Decorah High School administration and law enforcement officers will contact the student assigned to use the locker and the content of the student's bag or purse will be searched."

A second news release--this one from the Decorah Police Department--said the search was conducted "as the result of information obtained in an ongoing drug investigation and was not a random search."  However, the news release went on to state no illegal drugs were found.

The full text of the school districts letter is linked below.