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Luther College takes steps to help its Muslim students affected by the travel ban

Posted: Tue, Mar 14, 2017 5:16 PM

Luther College President Paula Carlson has announced the creation of  a Coordinated Campus Response Team to help the school's students from the six countries included in the latest U.S. travel ban.

The five-person team will be in charge of meeting the needs of students from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.  Iraq had been included in the first travel ban, but is not included in the second ban.

Terry Sparkes, Corey Landstrom, Amy Webber, Anne Edison-Albright and Pedro dos Santos will be working on ways to assist affected students to find housing and employment during the upcoming summer if they stay in the United States--which seems extremely likely.

The five people are charged with serving as the "central point of information" about what is available to affected students.  They will also be in charge of communication with Luther students, faculty and staff on this topic.

Says Carlson, "We will continue to work through our higher education associations to advocate on behalf of students at the state and national level.  Luther College reaffirms our commitment to being a global learning community that welcomes, supports and celebrates people of all faiths and backgrounds."

She also stresses that Luther College does not consider immigration status when making admission decisions, that Campus Safety and Security does not collect immigration status information from students and that the college does not disclose private information about students, faculty or staff unless specifically required to do so by law.

Concludes Carlson, "The care and support of all members of the Luther community—regardless of religion, national origin or citizenship status—is an essential guiding principle for all of us. Luther College stands firmly committed to our mission to embrace diversity and to be a community that cares for all God's people."