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Dunning's Springs Bridge will cost an extra $20,000

Posted: Tue, Mar 7, 2017 5:21 PM

The Decorah City Council has approved two change orders for work being done to build a new Stone Arch Bridge at Dunning's Springs.  The change orders will add $19,287.50 to the cost of the bridge, but city officials say the extra cost is well worth it.

Some of the extra cost comes because of a different concept for the walkway and approach to the bridge which will add stone to the walk.  Around $11,000 of the extra cost comes because of the heavy rains and bad weather last fall and the larger-than-expected scope of the project.

Park-Rec Director Andy Nimrod has tapped several existing funding sources to make up the difference.  He says he still fully supports "the spectacular nature of this unique project."

City council members gave their unanimous approval to the change orders.

(Photos courtesy of Decorah Park-Rec)