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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "Will the new Water Street Park be completed by Nordic Fest?"

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 2:12 PM

Boyd e-mails Mr. Answer Person: Will the new park be completed by Nordic Fest Week? I visit every two weeks for a two-week period. Very little had been done over that period.

Mr Answer Person replies: "What?  Do you have a plane to catch?"

OK—you're right that not much construction was being done at the site of the new park, but that has changed this week.  Workers were installing one of two back walls on the property.

 Skid loaders were being used to prepare places for the trees that will be added to the park.  And, although you can't see the evidence, the sculpture for the park has been completed.

Decorah City Engineer Lindsay Erdman says the park project is a complicated one, with most steps depending upon the completion of the previous step before work on the new step can begin.  That means the Nordic Fest deadline might be a little ambitious now, especially with recent rains.  But a "significant" part of the project ought to be done by July 28th—certainly enough that the park will be usable on that date.

By the way, Mr. Answer Person has heard that an "Open House" for the new park will be held June 30th—a chance for the public to ask all the questions they can think of—and put a buck or two in the donation jar.  More details as they become available.

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