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Ask Mr. Parks & Recreation Answer Man: "I have a question about the stone wall that lines the road to Phelps Park"

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 2:00 PM

Scott e-mails: I have a question about the stone wall that lines the road to Phelps Park.  Right at the bend in the road, the wall is probably only 18 inches high. (Editor's note: Actually, it's lower than one foot)  Given that this wall should be serving a safety role in preventing cars and people from plunging over the edge to Dug Road trail, the height of this section strikes me as dangerous (and a liability).  First, the section of pavement immediately adjacent to the wall appears to be painted for foot traffic (and maybe used by bikes as well).  Second, I (and others) get really nervous going around that corner during icy/slippery conditions.  In both of these cases, there is essentially no barricade should any kind of slippage occur.  My question: are there plans to fix that section (I see other repairs to the wall occurring).  Also, is that a Park and Rec responsibility or the city's?"

Mr. Parks & Recreation Answer Person says: "You'll be glad to hear that your comments are being studied by city officials.  In fact, the city's Streets Committee plans to head to Phelps Park next Monday, May 23rd, to look at the wall in person.  Thanks for bringing this situation to everyone's attention!

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