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Ask Mr. Parks & Rec Answer Person: "Have skateboarders been skating down Trout Run Trail south of The Cut?"

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 1:56 PM

Andy e-mails Mr. Park-Rec Answer Person: "Is it true that skateboarders have been skating down Trout Run Trail south of The Cut?  Is this safe?  Is it a good idea to have skateboarders on the same trail as pedestrians?"

Mr. Park-Rec Answer Person says: "Yes.  No.  No.

OK--we understand the new pavement south of The Cut is a long hill, but Trout Run Trail was not intended as the site of extreme skateboarding.  The speeds skateboarders will attain as they go down the hill make it unsafe not only for them, but for anyone coming up the hill in the opposite direction.

So please, skateboarders, find a different location for your sport!"

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