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Ask Mr. Bald Eagle: "How long before the eaglets leave their nest?"

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 1:53 PM

(This week's guest substitute for Mr. Answer Person is Mr. Bald Eagle.  Because of the volume of questions we have already received, in this one case we CANNOT answer additional questions--sorry!)

"How long before they (the eaglets) leave the nest?  I thought I heard or read July—is that right?  Do they go out for a short time and keep coming back for a time, or do they leave the nest for good the first time they leave the nest?"

Mr. Bald Eagle says: "You're right—the eaglets should start to leave the nest the first part or middle part of July.  They will practice first by flying to branches near the nest, then take short flights.  They will continue flying near the nest through July and August, then will take off for good around September 1st.

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