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Ask Mr. Bald Eagle: "What has been learned about bald eagles because of the eaglecam?"

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 1:51 PM

Gert asks Mr. Bald Eagle: "What has been learned about the behavior of bald eagles because of the eaglecam?

The installation of an infrared camera has been especially helpful to researchers, since it takes video during the night.  The camera has helped scientists learn that eagles are very active at night, flying, catching food and engaging in many of the same behaviors they do during daytime.

"We're actually learning some things we didn't know before," says Raptor Resource's Bob Anderson.  That includes the eating habits of bald eagles—the male eagle delivers almost all the food to the eaglets and the food consists of a wide variety of animals, including squirrels, trout, crows, robins, pigeons and muskrats.

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