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Ask Mr. Bald Eagle: "What caused that nasty-looking spot on the left side of the camera lens earlier this month?"

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 1:50 PM

A reader e-mails Mr. Bald Eagle to say, "There was a nasty-looking spot on the left side of the video feed.  I'm guessing it was bird poop—when ya got to go, ya got to go and they went right on the camera."

How right you are!  Raptor Resource Project director Bob Anderson says the bald eagles seem to "eat, sleep and poop in equal parts."  The eaglets move to the edge of the nest and poop over the side.  That has left a lot of white poop on some of the tree branches—and at one point on the lens of one of the cameras.  Since then some rain has helped lessen the mess.

Anderson says the camera will be mounted farther away next season!

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