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Ask Mr. Bald Eagle: "I'm worried that Eaglet #3 isn't getting enough food to eat"

Posted: Tue, Jun 21, 2011 1:49 PM

(This week's guest substitute for Mr. Answer Person is Mr. Bald Eagle.  Because of the volume of questions we have already received, in this one case we CANNOT answer additional questions--sorry!)

A reader e-mails: "I'm worried that the third eaglet isn't getting enough to eat."

Raptor Resurce Project Director Bob Anderson says bald eagle chicks are like chickens and turkeys—they can store a lot of food for later digestion.  So even though one eaglet might not be eating while the other two eaglets are, that doesn't mean they're going hungry.

Concludes Anderson, "If they're hungry, they'll be first in line!"

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