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Ask Mr. Answer Person: "What is the best way to remove winter kill on evergreen bushes?"

Posted: Wed, Apr 23, 2014 6:00 PM

Sue e-mails: Mr. Answer Man.......what is the best way to remove the "winter kill" on evergreen bushes?  I have noticed so many bushes around Decorah with the problem this year.

Mr. Answer Person says: "It's not a very good idea to ask Mr. Answer Person for gardening advice!  So we've turned to Iowa State Extension horticulturist Bob Hauer for advice--

"Winter burn is not uncommon in Northeast Iowa, especially this year.  Even though needles have been killed, the buds along the stem may still be alive. So the best answer is to wait--"Patience is a Virtue!"

Thank you, Bob.  If readers want more information about winter burn, visit

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