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Letter to the Editor: Only language needed about frac sand mining is "No!"

Posted: Sun, Feb 9, 2014 5:10 PM

(The following Letter to the Editor is in response to our previous story that the Winneshiek County Planning & Zoning Commission met Tuesday to discuss possible language for a frac sand ordinance.  Commission members heard from retired attorney David Williams, who was involved in drafting Fillmore County's frac sand mining ordinance and who has been working with Winneshiek Protector, the group opposed to frac sand mining)

How about this (for language in a frac sand ordinance)?--"NO!" 

I want to know who, politically will profit from allowing these companies to come into Winneshiek County and DESTROY our county, regardless of any 'conditional use permit?' 

This matter needs to be soundly resolved and soon.  JUST SAY NO!  Why is this so difficult?  The so-called 'jobs' that will be created won't make hardly any difference.  Our county representatives need to represent WE, THE PEOPLE - just like any government entity is supposed to do - but rarely seem to do any more. 

Conditional Use permits to so-called 'reclaim the land' shouldn't be the concern.  Let's talk about non-stop truck traffic - the loss of quality of life for ALL local residents along the path way of these non-stop trucks and the destruction of our roads - not to mention our landscapes.

It takes about 2 seconds to go to You Tube to find this woman's video where she is interviewed in front of her house in a beautiful, rural location in Wisconsin.  She is in tears and dump truck after dump truck blow by her house, kicking up huge dust clouds.

Is this REALLY where we want to go?  REALLY?  Again, who, besides an ignorant land owner and the shareholders of these corporations - are going to profit from this - Leaving us taxpayers with stripped land, diminished property values, diminished quality of life?

JUST SAY NO and let's call it a day!  There needs to be NO FURTHER DISCUSSION!

If you could please take a few moments to watch this video on how industrial frac sand mining has affected a community, please look and listen to what these people say.  The comments near the end of the video are especially concerning as they say the same thing I am...Just say NO to any permits!  Take it up with the county board....Verbatum to what's happening here! 

Recently, the language as "an 18 month moratorium."  Now, there's this discussion of the "language" for the "conditional use PERMITS."

It's exactly as though we are being fed this hogwash and even though we don't like it - it's like it's going to happen.  This Can't happen!

Please.  Just watch this video and then please...let people see that you are absolutely taking a stand against the frac sand industry!

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