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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Readers ask about the next Decorah Drum Line performance

Posted: Wed, Nov 6, 2013 1:07 PM

Mr. Answer Person has received several e-mails from readers who were
wondering why the Decorah High School Band's drum line did not perform at last Friday's home football game against Crestwood.  Here's a typical e-mail,from Sam: "It is always such fun to watch the Decorah Drum Line during the high school football games. They were noticeably missed during the Cresco game.  Will they be performing during the Oelwein game this week?"
Mr. Answer Person says: "It is GREAT that the drum line has become popular. I agree with you that their performances are always one of the highlights of any home football game.
The good news is that this Friday is "Band Parents Night," an evening to
recognize graduating DHS seniors in the band.  As part of the evening, the Decorah High School Marching Band--and, yes, the drum line--will be performing.  So enjoy the performance and remember: "Band Rules!"

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