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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Your football game questions answered

Posted: Wed, Nov 6, 2013 12:37 PM

The large crowd that attended last Friday night's home football game against West Delaware apparently spent some of the time thinking about things other than the scoreboard.  Here are two e-mails we received:

Katherine e-mails: "Why is it that the drumline always plays in front of the student section and not in the middle of the stadium so we can all enjoy them?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "Be careful of what you wish for.  The chairperson of Decorah High School's music department, Jim Fritz, notes that the drumline is quite loud,  "I actually wear ear plugs throughout the game," he notes, adding, "I doubt all fans would enjoy it."

Jim continues, "20 years ago the band did sit in the middle of the stadium.  However, as the size of the band got larger, we moved to the end (of the stands) so the fans would have more seating.  We currently take up an entire section.  I believe the fans would prefer this to having the band sit directly on the 50 yard line."

Ann e-mails: "Why weren't the Decorah cheerleaders at the football game at Charles City?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "There are four regular season football game held out of town.  In order to hold down costs and keep time commitments reasonable, Decorah cheerleaders attend just one away regular season football game per year.  The cheerleaders themselves vote on which of the four games they will all attend as a squad.  Charles City was not the away game chosen this year."

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