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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Your Trails From Freeport questions

Posted: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 9:22 AM

(In the wake of our news stories about Decorah receiving a $1.6 million grant to help build the Freeport trail extension, we have received reader questions/comments)

Chad e-mails: "Isn't (the trail to Freeport) distracting from the original plan to connect the Trout Run Trail with Calmar?  The trail to Freeport is not going to increase tourism in Decorah--the trail to Calmar will!"

Mr. Answer Person says: "This is not an 'either/or' choice, Chad.  Work continues on creating a link between the Trout Run Trail and Calmar.  But that project is just a little less advanced than the Freeport trail project. 

Brsides, the Freeport trail has been funded by donations and grants, so it's the people who are most affected by the need for a bike trail to Freeport who are doing the organizing and raising the money. 

Jamie e-mails: "Since they are reconstructing River Road (as part of the Freeport Trail project), is the trail going to be separate from Old Stage Road and River Road, with a 'green space' between them--or is it simply going to be a bike lane similar to what they did on Short Street?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "You've asked a good question, Jamie.  That's because specifications are still being drawn for the project, which is expected to begin next April. 

But the overall goal of those involved with the Freeport project is that there will be a separate trail--to keep bike and pedestrian traffic away from vehicular traffic.  There might be one or two spots where, because of the topography of the land, this goal can't be met.  But Freeport trail backers say they're aiming to separate traffic as much as possible.

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