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Ask Mr. Answer Person: What about those painted lines in gravel near the new soccer field?

Posted: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 9:20 AM

Thomas e-mailed Mr. Answer Person: "Why did the City of Decorah paint parking stripes in the gravel parking lot by the new soccer field near the campground?"

When Mr. Answer Person replied:  "So people would know where to park?," Thomas replied: "Ha,ha.  That's obvious, but since it's gravel, wouldn't it get easily washed away by rain or brushed or blown away by wind or traffic?"

Mr. Answer Person did further checking, and replies: "If you have been past the park when soccer practices or other events are happening, you've seen there's quite a crowd that gathers there.  So the Parks and Recreation Department painted lines in the gravel parking lot for exactly the reason I suggested—so people would know where to park.  On the other hand, you're also correct that the paint will wear off faster on gravel that it would on pavement.  But Park-Rec officials are hoping that by the time the parking lines wear off, people will have learned how to park in the new parking lot.  They've even distributed flyers showing people how to park.
So this is a situation where both Mr. Answer Person and a reader are correct!

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